The Feed Your Skin range of products have been specifically formulated to detox, cleanse, nourish and protect your skin in the most natural way.  This is a complete skin management system.  By detoxing, exfoliating and then nourishing your new skin properly you re-balance your skin.  That means good bye to oily and dry skin as well as spots, and blackheads.  We have many customers who manage their eczema and skin sensitivities with these beautiful products.

These  products  make you look and feel different as soon as you use them.  

Vegan, cruelty free  and obviously paraben free.

"People ask me all the time how I keep flawless skin.  Well this is what I use" - Mica Paris

Be healthy, look fabulous enjoy your friends noticing the difference.

Its all about the skin is a UK company. We have been developing our scrubs and creams for over 15 years. We believe that health leads to beauty and should not be compromised.

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